Biohazard Cleaning Companies vs Ordinary Cleaning Companies

by Jesse Salazar / July 9, 2020

Biohazard Cleaning Companies vs Ordinary Cleaning Companies

by Jesse Salazar / July 9, 2020

The Major Difference Between Biohazard Cleaning Companies and Ordinary Cleaning Companies

There are tremendous differences between biohazard cleaning companies and your typical cleaning company.

Firstly, what is considered a biohazard? A biohazard is anything that can be harmful to the health of any person or animal. A harmful substance can include toxic chemicals used by large corporations, drug needles and drug labs, and also blood spills that may likely be contaminated with pathogens, viruses, etc. If these items are not cleaned properly, then this can pose a health risk to anyone who comes afterward.

When there is an additional risk of biohazard exposure, then disaster management protocol is essential for any business or residence that values the safety of everyone in the organization. Each organization can take some in-house measures to mitigate the impact but ultimately rely on thorough biohazard cleaning services outsourced to a specialized team from certified and reputable biohazard cleaning companies. 

If your company handles products containing biohazard components, inbox, or give us a call for a walkthrough and free on-site assessment on how to completely eliminate biohazard threat from your organization.

Biohazard Cleaning Services

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Biohazard Cleaning on Your Own

There are four types of biohazard waste;

    1. Non-sharp solid biohazardous waste
    2. Liquid biohazardous waste
    3. Biohazardous sharps
    4. Pathological waste

Biohazard threats vary in severity, and may come from; 

  • Human body or chemical fluids, 
  • Human or animal blood or remains, 
  • Excrement of any nature 
  • Biohazard waste improperly disposed of
  • Employee cover-up of a possible biohazard threat
  • Inadequate cleaning of a previous biohazard threat done by an incompetent cleaner.
  • Possible disease-carrying invisible organisms resting on surfaces like furniture, stationery, doors, or floors. 

These kinds of threats are the reasons why you need to engage a biohazard cleaning company for unbiased and in-depth remediation. Although it is recommended to have an in-house team to mitigate the threat, their responsibility should be limited to proper identification of a possible threat and clearing off the area immediately. Companies must avoid authorizing the in-house team to do the cleanup themselves because they lack adequate training and proper personal protective equipment. They are also not up to date with biohazard cleaning protocols and might overlook a standard critical procedure of remediation at any of the four levels of handling a contaminated site.

Biohazard Cleaning

BioTechs is ABRA Certified and Licensed for Biohazard Cleaning Services in Texas

Unlike regular cleaning services offered by cleaning companies, biohazard cleaning is not a touch-and-go process. In fact, hiring an ill-equipped and inexperienced team to eliminate biohazard threats from your premises can do more harm than good if they lack the knowledge of interpreting and implementing industry protocols that lower possible risks associated with the biohazard waste cleanup itself. Instead, rely on a professional team of BioTechs specialists who understand and adhere to the OSHA Guidelines.

Here are the steps that we take:

  • Containment and Cleanup – whoever discovers a potential biohazard risk should immediately keep a distance from the scene to prevent possible infection since pathogens are probably contaminating the area already. We also advise them to refrain from touching anything in the scene. Once we step in, we contain the area and systematically eliminate all contaminated material before beginning preliminary cleaning exercise.
  • Sanitization – since we deal with dangerous invisible pathogens lurking around a cleanup site, we take adequate measures to eradicate these pathogens to prevent current and post-cleaning exposure to everyone who comes in contact with the site.
  • Deodorization – this step ensures that the pungent smell or odors that accompany the cleaning of a biohazard scene are neutralized completely. We use high-grade deodorization supplies for maximum effect.
  • Restoration – at this point, your premises should be free of any traceable biohazard threat, and normalcy should resume.

For a company to be licensed to provide biohazard cleaning services in Texas, it has to meet some of the strictest guidelines in the industry to be trusted to take good care of people’s lives. In all of Texas, BioTechs Company is one of the 2 companies recognized and certified by the American Bio-Recovery Association (ABRA). ABRA is dedicated to the advancement in knowledge and recognition of technicians and accompanies in the Bio Recovery Industry.

Our company has served Texas residents for 17 years with impeccable remediation of biohazardous materials and viruses. Besides initiating and upholding the membership status of BioTechs Crime San Antonio at ABRA for the past 6 years, the founder, Audrey Trinidad, has acquired every relevant qualification imaginable in our industry.

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