Why You Should Outsource Your Trauma Aftermath Cleanup

by Jesse Salazar / Oct 29, 2020

The loss of a loved one can potentially be one of the most painful experiences throughout a person’s life, but being left to clean up afterward can be an even greater, and unacceptable, tragedy. Once you hear the news, the initial shock on your emotions can be significantly multiplied by taking on the work yourself.

Nearly 20 years ago here in Texas, you would have no other alternative except for you or your extended family to clean up the mess yourself. Fortunately, that burden is more voluntary today than ever before. Insurance companies will often cover the cost of the trauma aftermath cleanup work necessary to remove the unsightliness and potentially hazardous materials left inside the property.

BioTechs Specializes in Trauma Aftermath Cleanup

Biohazard remediation is a task best left to a team of highly skilled professionals because a trauma scene may contain hazardous fluids. If you are ever faced with a scene here in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, then you can rely on us to compassionately cleanup any homicide, suicide, or accident scene to restore your place to a warm and welcoming state.

Because of safety issues, we highly recommend that you refrain from handling any scene yourself because an expert can…


  • identifying concerns unseen in the area
  • track contaminants and pathogens present throughout the property
  • isolating highly hazardous items
  • properly handle the removal of biohazard traces outlined by state ordinances
  • properly dispose of affected and unwanted items according to OSHA standards
Once the job is complete, we will present you with a certificate to present to your insurance company that notifies them that the job has been successfully completed to meet all local, state, and industry standards.

To get the process started, the BioTechs team moves quickly by offering you a free on-site assessment of your property. We will determine how best to get the work started as quickly as possible, and we will determine the amount of work necessary to put this entire event behind you.

The assessment gives us an opportunity to calculate an accurate estimate to get the entire job done and we do our very best to factor in unforeseen issues that may arise during the remediation process.

BioTechs also works hand-in-hand with city authorities, including emergency responders, and insurance carriers to make the entire process simple for you and your family.

Aftermath Trauma Cleaning

Procedures and Regulations for Aftermath Trauma Cleaning

All aftermath trauma cleaning systems and routines take place after the police have satisfactorily processed an accident or crime scene. We arrive to carry out our assessment procedures of the scene to calculate the work that needs to be carried out. To do that we isolate the trauma area and perform tests to detect the presence and distribution of all biological contaminants. After finishing the cleanup, we carry out a final check to ensure that all hazardous elements were cleaned up and issue you with a certificate of competition to finalize the task.

Since accidents and acts of crime happen anywhere and at any time, we work tirelessly to be prepared for anything. We have all the necessary equipment to assess and disinfect trauma scenes of all natures, sizes, and complexity. Plus, we are on the ready 24-hours a day.

There are instances where a whole room or more might have to be cleaned and disinfected following the trail of contamination. In such cases, we inspect every area of the property very much like a forensic detective will.

We have learned over the years that none of our clients enjoy making a public scene. Even though some things never go unnoticed, we keep our client’s information confidential and we work discreetly in an effort to not attract unnecessary attention to ourselves and to our work.

Be Cautious When Around a Mass Trauma Cleanup Area

Mass Trauma Cleanup

Unfortunately, there are bad people out there. Some of those bad people are out there hurting others with no disregard for human life. As long as there are people like that out there, we will continue to help the victim’s family. This is a photo of our team arriving at a mass trauma cleanup in Southern Texas.

When BioTechs gets the call to help with the cleanup, we play our part to the best of our ability. Such incidences equally demand the involvement of mass trauma cleanup experts like us.

Although a typical cleaning company means well and will sometimes assist with the cleanup, you shouldn’t hire just anybody. This is a time when you only want to bring in the best. When a biohazard isn’t handled properly, then you risk having smells, odors, maggots, and even harmful pathogens from growing and thriving. These things pose a higher risk to your health immediately or later, so we always advocate for extra caution if anyone other than our team members is involved.

Overcoming the Stress of Being a Survivor in a Crime and Trauma Cleaning Scene

When you experience a severe traumatic crime scene, you risk developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of seeing, experiencing, and even cleaning up after the death of someone near and dear to your heart.

The number one of reasons why you should never even clean up a crime scene yourself is to avoid the psychological trauma of the incident, and preventing PTSD is as simple as stepping away from the scene and bringing in the experts. We recognize that It is unpleasant to go through unwanted memories, nightmares and also flashbacks of such scenes while you should be recovering.

Leave your property in the hands of a certified crime and trauma cleaning company. If you have an attachment to a place, or item that is damaged or contaminated in a crime scene, we try our best to restore it to its original state with thorough decontamination so that you can continue cherishing the good memories you once had.

BioTechs is here to assist you in any way that we can, and we can tackle the remediation of the absolute worst traumatic situation that you may be facing. We’ve seen it all, and we can help with just one simple phone call. Give us a call today.

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